Our fee structure is simple and transparent. We dont believe in charging for "every little thing" and believe we offer tenants the best value for money in the rental market. 

Before you move in

Admin / credit reference fee - £175 for first/lead tenant

Making initial enquiries and proposing you to the landlord as a potential tenant.

Reserving the property and removing it from the market which may include cancelling booked viewings and/or turning down other applicants.

Referencing for the lead tenant, immigration and visa confirmation where applicable, financial credit checks, obtaining refererences from current and/or previous employers and current and/or previous landlords and any other information deemed necessary to assess affordability and suitability of the tenancy as well as contract negotitation, arranging the tenancy agreement and registering the bond with the appropriate protection scheme.

The admin / credit reference fee is non-refundable.

Additional Tenant / Guarantor Fee - £50 per person

Processing the application, associated paperwork and referencing for additional tenants and/or a guarantor as necessary.

The additional tenant / guarantor fee is non-refundable.

During your tenancy

Cash Payments - £5

Any rent payment made in cash beyond the initial payment of rent and/or deposit will incur a per payment cash handing charge to cover the related costs of banking the cash, our travel, insurance and our time in dealing with & processing the cash payment.

Amendment Fee - £25

Amending the existing terms or dates, updating and/or redrafting your tenancy agreement during the tenancy to reflect anything new, amended or deleted.

Accompanied Check In/Out Fee - £60

If you wish to accompany us to the property on either move in or move out.

Missed Appointment - £40

If an appointment to attend the property for either ourselves or a 3rd party (for instance a regular inspection, a gas safety inspection, contractor visit etc) is made and you subsequently fail to be present or fail to allow access and either ourselves or a 3rd party contractor cannot gain access.

Other Fees & Charges

Work Fee

Any deductions made from a tenant's deposit for damage/excess wear and tear etc are subject to a work fee of 10%+VAT of the total cost subject to a minimum fee of £30 inc VAT